Wants and Needs

December 13, 2009

Reading Isaiah 41 17-20 (God provides) An address for a Family Christingle Service

What do you want for Christmas?

Children? Grown-ups?

What will your life be like if you don’t get these things?

Will it be very different? Will you be unhappy? Will you be really unhappy? Or just a bit disappointed?

Now think about some of the children that the Children’s Society helps.

Pictures – Tammy who is 15. Ran away from home,  Six weeks on the streets, cold and hungry. In danger from some of the people who offered her shelter but she didn’t really know.

What did she want? What did she need? Both the same. Children’s Society met her needs.

Paul was 11 when he ran away at Christmas. No cards, no presents and missed his Mum. What did he need? What did he want? Children’s Society met his needs.

Robleh aged 15 is a refugee from Somalia. Came to UK on his own to escape war in his country that had been going on for years. Stayed with relatives but they eventually refused to care for him because he was ‘grown up’ On the streets until Children’s Society found him and helped him with legal advice to get safe sheltered housing. Also provided a ‘Refugee Club’ where he could find friends and feel loved and appreciated. Both his wants and his needs met.

Our reading shows how God met needs of people of ancient Israel. Very hot dry country – needed water more than anything, and shelter and trees like olive that gave food and oil, and acacia to build with.

Christingle – the sweets and fruits symbols of? 4 seasons and the food that we get in each season. Symbols of how God cares for us. Orange and red ribbon symbol of how God meets the world’s  spiritual needs, by sending Jesus to show us how to live, how to love each other and how to sacrifice what we want, to give other people what they need.

Because God meets our needs, we who believe in God should meet other people’s needs. Giving to Children’s Society is one way to meet the needs of our brothers and sisters who won’t get what they want and need this Christmas unless we help them.


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